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2021.09.28 01:15 Kopout64 Flurry of activity

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2021.09.28 01:15 milkyhead36 Realistic to finish a course in 1-month?

I need to take Psyc 406 in hopes to have it done in time to apply for the MC deadline of Feb 1st. Advisor advised me to have the course completed 8 weeks before the MC application deadline and I would be starting the course Nov1st. That would mean I literally have 1 month to do the course. Is that at all realistic? Is it even a self paced course? Any help is appreciated
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2021.09.28 01:15 tmime1 $WIMI to $75! πŸ™ŒπŸ’ŽπŸš€

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2021.09.28 01:15 True-Row2319 Man in a box talks . . . And talks . . . And talks . . .

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2021.09.28 01:15 151owners After taking a break for 5 months, I have officially restarted my work on this build!

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2021.09.28 01:15 Dukelyon Work in progress

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2021.09.28 01:15 arrow_thway Introductory post

Hi Guys, thanks for having me
Long time lurker first time poster. Just wanted to make a post to motivate myself to continue with stopping gaming. This will be about my 3rd time quitting and I'm more motivated than ever.
I grew up with a computer being my 3rd parent really. From the age of 5, I would play Runescape, Diablo 1 or Starcraft and I still play all 3 of these at age 27. I've neglected about 3 girlfriends, 1 secondary education and a few jobs due to my addiction and I think it's time to start being the best version of myself. That being said, I have 0 regrets, I've had a LOT of fun. Growing up with a mic in CS:S from age 9 has improved my social skills a lot I like to think and after over 1 year play time in WoW, I've met people in-game who live nearby that I like to think will be friends for life.
I work in IT at a nice company and was hired with hardly any formal education (most of what i know is self taught from troubleshooting why my game wouldn't launch). I live out of home and am currently single.
I had friends in highschool that quit and I told myself, they were just poser gamers and I would never quit. But nowadays, with the direction that the industry is heading, I feel it's a shell of it's former self and it just doesn't hit the same anymore (RIP Blizzard). Multiplayer games are the biggest culprit, I don't feel guilty sinking a few hours in a classic, say, Dark souls. But multiplayer games will lure to the "you have to be at work in 5 hours, maybe go to bed" levels of addiction and I cant do that anymore. If I have 0 obligations in a day, I can easily play for over 8 hours :( . I want to try and get on top of my fitness (not unhealthy, just not fit), Pickup new hobbies that compliment my lifestyle (IT/Coding/Reading) and have more experiences outdoors.

That being said, all my friends are gamers and are probably in too deep to see where I'm coming from. What do you guys suggest to do a best ways to stay on-track in your first week/month?
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2021.09.28 01:15 reader197382 I think this settles the debate

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2021.09.28 01:15 FysH2O Kris is an individual character from "You" (The Player)

(Heads up, this is going to be a very spoiler heavy post, so if you somehow haven't beaten Ch. 2 yet, go do that first.)
Deltarune can be very cryptic and confusing sometimes, and this is my attempt to make sense of it all so far.
I'm going to start this off with the discovery that threw me down this rabbit hole to begin with. During your fight with Spamton NEO at the end of a the SnowGrave route, there are two very, very interesting lines of dialogue that appear.
Once you enter "phase 2" where ACT lets you call for help, initially this line will show up: "Kris called for help..." https://imgur.com/a/GwkOoaf
HOWEVER, once calling for Susie and Ralsei fails you, your last option is to call for Noelle, at which point this dialogue appears instead: "You whispered Noelle's name..." https://imgur.com/a/9gkS8Q3
The obvious difference between the 2 lines being that "Kris" is used to specifically show that they are calling for help of their own will, sadly to no response. But immediately after this, "You" (The Player) call upon Noelle for help. Someone you spent the whole chapter training to be a killing machine to the point where Kris is unwilling to call upon them because he is likely afraid of them now (which would also explain why you don't enter Noelle's bedroom with Susie before the fight).
Once I began considering the idea that "Kris" could be an entirely separate entity from the Player, a lot began to make more sense. Such as why Noelle says: "Kris..." "Recently, there's been something... different... about them." https://imgur.com/a/dZcAIxT In this scenario, I think that "recently" is directly referring to the beginning of Chapter 1, when we initially take control of Kris. Knowing Noelle as the smart one in the class, it would make sense that she'd catch on to Kris's change in behavior much faster than the rest of the students. (also, Susie and Ralsei didn't really know Kris before we took control, so they wouldn't notice any difference.)
Considering that the Player may be someone else entirely within the story, it would also explain why Noelle heard: "A voice unlike Kris's..." "... a terrifying voice..." https://imgur.com/a/PPum79t As the commands being given to Noelle such as "Proceed" were given directly by us, the Players, not Kris.
Now this has FAR greater implications, such as the possibility that the "voice" that drove Jevil and Spamton crazy, while simultaneously making them more powerful/successful could very well be another "Player" driving them to do things they would normally never do. Both what happened to Jevil and Spamton sound a LOT like what happens to Noelle throughout the SnowGrave run, she becomes far stronger, but goes a little crazy in the process and does things way out of character for her (even in the overworld her Dad notes her difference in behavior). (On a side note: Spamton NEO is literally held up by strings, being used as a puppet, which is exactly what we are doing to Kris through the story)
Backtracking to "Kris" and the Player being different people, it would also explain why you save over the "Kris" file at the very beginning of the game with your own. It could possibly be the most literal example of you taking over Kris's life from there on out.
There is also the dialogue at the start of Chapter 2 when you interact with the mirror in your house. It simply states: "It's what they call 'you'...". This lends credence to the possibility that "you" could be a way to directly refer to the player, and not just Kris. Kris is what they call "you" but you know what "you" really are, and it isn't "Kris".
There is also the whole "Your choices don't matter." idea which may seem false since we found SnowGrave, HOWEVER it could ALSO refer to the player. "Your" (the Player) choices don't matter is actually still true, we can save and replay the game as much as we want, in that sense our choices really don't matter whatsoever to US as the one playing the game. But if we were to consider people like Kris and Susie and everyone else to be real people? Well their choices matter a lot to them, even if we took control of them and made them do awful things, it wouldn't matter to us at all, but it would matter immensely to them. The only way that "Your choices don't matter" remains true at this point is if it's referring to someone indirectly involved with the story, that person being us, the puppet masters.
There are so many other instances of "You" possibly referring directly to the player that I missed/was too lazy to put in. But it is my current theory that a huge plot point will be that Kris is indeed being controlled by "something" (the Player) which is causing them to act how they are. I mostly wrote this to put some of my thoughts on paper, but I figured I'd share it with the community. Who knows? It could be right someday (or it could be insanely off-mark).
If you think of any other scenarios that could be directly referencing the Player, let me know! I'm super interested in all the possible scenarios with different meaning than we originally thought! -FysH2O
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2021.09.28 01:15 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.28 01:15 Penwick66 Turmeric and Iron absorption ?

So I take Turmeric with circumin & black pepper and it works great for inflammation
So my question is , if I take it at night and before bed will that eliminate the worry about it affecting my iron absorption ?
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2021.09.28 01:15 morgasm17 Psychedelics and Personality

Hey friends! I am writing an essay on the affects of psychedelics (specifically LSD) on people with personality disorders. Having BPD myself, I would like to hear from others who have experimented with mind altering substances. I'm curious as to how it affected your symptoms as well as youego, identity and personality. Did you have any breakthroughs or realizations that have continued to affect you in the rest of your life? Even reach out just to tell me about your experiences with psychoactive drugs such as Psilocybin an LSD. Feel free to message me on here or on my instagram @ mugsyfaith.
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2021.09.28 01:15 Dlophia As the school day ends, you notice piper being dipped by a new kid. She looks like she’s laughing. What do you do?

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2021.09.28 01:15 Apprehensive-Film134 When does the CounterAttack Event leaderboard going to end?

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2021.09.28 01:15 namskers What is that, like a size 20???

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2021.09.28 01:15 Hilianinja64 I seem to have a trend of loving purple haired cinnamonrolls

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2021.09.28 01:15 Morismemento It's back! Free 2 Colgate toothpaste at CVS w/ digital coupon!

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2021.09.28 01:15 sirsnark222 You guys! They have my favorite cereal!

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2021.09.28 01:15 pipsikamlo Amazon Coupon Mobile

Here is the Amazon Coupon Mobile
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.09.28 01:15 dstala I created NocoDB - simple & minimalist Airtable clone in just 7 lines of node.js (18K+ Github stars)

Hey /node community πŸ‘‹ ,
I'm totally stoked to finally showcase NocoDB today - a project we've been working really hard for last year.

  1. NocoDB is a minimalist Airtable alternative that can be run with JUST SEVEN LINES OF NODE.JS !! Yes, just seven lines of node.js.
  2. Mount NocoDB as express middleware and its done!
Github : https://github.com/nocodb/nocodb NocoDB : An ultra minimalist Airtable alternative in 7 lines of Node.js
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Getting started is really really simple ⚑ npx create-nocodb-app
⚑ docker run -p 8080:8080 nocodb/nocodb
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here are some product screenshots : NocoDB : Creates rich spreadsheet on any database
NocoDB : Allows creating gallery views

NocoDB : Supports both instant REST/GraphQL APIs access to databases

NocoDB : Allows collaborative editing just like google spreadsheets.

NocoDB : Allows you to connect to your favourite apps with just few clicks

RICH FEATURES SET : Smart spreadsheet
⚑ Sort, search, filter, hide columns with ease
⚑ Create Views : Grid, Gallery, Kanban, Gantt, Form
⚑ Share Views : public & password protected
⚑ Personal & locked Views
⚑ Upload images to cells (Works with S3, Minio, GCP, Azure & many more)!!
⚑ Roles : Owner, Creator, Editor, Commenter, Viewer, Commenter, Custom.
⚑ Access Control : Fine-grained access control even to column level.
⚑ API tokens to integrate with Zapier & Integromat.
Automations & App store :
⚑ Chat : Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, Mattermost
⚑ Email : SMTP, SES, Mailchimp
⚑ SMS : Twilio
⚑ Whatsapp
⚑ Any 3rd Party APIs
Programmatic API access via :
⚑ REST APIs (Swagger)
⚑ GraphQL APIs.
⚑ Includes JWT Authentication & Social Auth
❀ Our Mission :
Our mission is to provide the most powerful no-code interface for databases which is open source to every single internet business in the world. This would not only democratise access to a powerful computing tool but also bring forth a billion+ people who will have radical tinkering-and-building abilities on internet.
Please join our helpful community at :
πŸ“£ Github : https://github.com/nocodb/nocodb
πŸ“£ Discord : https://discord.gg/5RgZmkW
πŸ“£ Twitter : https://twitter.com/nocodb
Team NocoDB
We're a really small team working full time on this.
PS :
Finally, I can safely put that in no other programming language other than node.js - NocoDB could have been expressed in such simple & minimalistic fashion! Thank you Ryan Dahl for creating node.js in first place!

Ryan Dahl showcasing node.js in 2009
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2021.09.28 01:15 El_Zarco Mighty Fire - Sweet Fire [1981]

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2021.09.28 01:15 Xavier_R2003 Why is the Chameleon so unique?

So that little training mech, the Chameleon. According to Sarna.net, the mech "carries special electronics to falsify its signature; these special abilities let it look and scan as something other than what it is, hence the machine's name."

So I can have my Chameleon scan as a different mech. Great for training. But why are these specialized electronics just for this mech? Seems like plenty of mechs could benefit from being able to scan as something else. A scout lance that registers as assaults? That could be where the Steiner Scout Lance got its start...

Anyone here know the lore well enough? Why is the Chameleon the only mech able to change its signature like that?
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