Looking for Uxie

2021.09.28 00:18 SpankLord07 Looking for Uxie

Add me: 3562 8900 1914
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2021.09.28 00:18 QuietMrFx977 Is it possible to 'grab' specific sections of a website like abus timetable, Google route, blog post, and add them to 1 page like a dashboard?

I want to make a dashboard for everything i look at in the morning like Google maps route traffic, bus timetables, blog posts and other websites etc. Is this possible?
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2021.09.28 00:18 dirrtyremixes DMC Dance Mixes 280 (2021)

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2021.09.28 00:18 littleboy_cuddles good evening mister/miss, care to chat?

ok I might just be some ftm kid on reddit but company can be nice. through discord, skype, regular chat, vc, video chat, anything that's obtainable. right now I'm just on the floor with my blanket and I'd love your company. so, chat me if you'd like :)
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2021.09.28 00:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Hochul’s purge of Cuomo’s influence is great — unless it proves a gift to the far left | NY Post

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2021.09.28 00:18 armybuddy7boi Which breathing would you rather have?

View Poll
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2021.09.28 00:18 BlockoRithims Redesigned every country that starts with C

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2021.09.28 00:18 ChrisRicefield game instantly crashes after a setting change

i chsnged the AMD FSR 1.0 to performance, and the game instantly crashed and whenever i try to run the game i get a crash report
what do i do, i think the only way is to reinstall the game but its so stress
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2021.09.28 00:18 ActivistMMT Because the US government issues the currency. They can always create more.

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2021.09.28 00:18 smiths1987 Types That Share No Functions In Common

not sure if this will be useful to anyone, but i made a list of types that share no functions in common and figured this would be a good place to share it! :-)

ISTJs don’t share functions with ESTPs, ISTPs, ENFJs, and INFJs.
They don’t have Se, Ti, Fe, or Ni.
ESTJs don’t share functions with ISTPs, ESTPs, INFJs, and ENFJs.
They don’t have Se, Ti, Fe, or Ni.
ISFJs don’t share functions with ESFPs, ISFPs, ENTJs, and INTJs.
They don’t have Se, Ti, Fe, or Ni.
ESFJs don’t share functions with ISFPs, ESFPs, INTJs, and ENTJs.
They don’t have Se, Ti, Fe, or Ni.

ISFPs don’t share functions with ESFJs, ISFJs, ENTPs, and INTPs
They don’t have Fe, Si, Ne, or Ti.
ESFPs don’t share functions with ISFJs, ESFJs, INTPs, and ENTPs.
They don’t have Fe, Si, Ne, or Ti.
ISTPs don’t share functions with ESTJs, ISTJs, ENFPs, and INFPs.
They don’t have Te, Si, Ne, or Fi.
ESTPs don’t share functions with ISTJs, ESTJs, INFPs, and ENFPs.
They don’t have Te, Si, Ne, or Fi.

INTPs don’t share functions with ENTJs, INTJs, ESFPs, and ISFPs.
They don’t have Te, Ni, Se, or Fi.
ENTPs don’t share functions with INTJs, ENTJs, ISFPs, and ESFPs.
They don’t have Te, Ni, Se, or Fi.
INTJs don’t share functions with ENTPs, INTPs, ESFJs, and ISFJs.
They don’t have Ne, Ti, Fe, or Si.
ENTJs don’t share functions with INTPs, ENTPs, ISFJs, and ESFJs.
They don’t have Ne, Ti, Fe, or Si.

INFPs don’t share functions with ENFJs, INFJs, ESTPs, and ISTPs.
They don’t have Fe, Ni, Se, or Ti.
ENFPs don’t share functions with INFJs, ENFJs, ISTPs, and ESTPs.
They don’t have Fe, Ni, Se, or Ti.
INFJs don’t share functions with ENFPs, INFPs, ESTJs, and ISTJs.
They don’t have Ne, Fi, Te, or Si.
ENFJs don’t share functions with INFPs, ENFPs, ISTJs, and ESTJs.
They don’t have Ne, Fi, Te, or Si.
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2021.09.28 00:18 faith_jpg Early game Aesop

I’m not quite sure what to do early game, as I just started playing him recently. At the start, should I start looking for appearances or decode? Also, should I be putting my coffin down at the start? Much appreciated!
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2021.09.28 00:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Afghans could wait years for airlift — or attempt a life-threatening land escape | NY Post

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2021.09.28 00:18 StrattySL Got Watson a bootie today. It's exactly what he needed. He looks so handsome

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2021.09.28 00:18 SbuDakiss Live mix video deep house

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2021.09.28 00:18 hotttwink99 Need 10 karma

I need 10 karma to have some fun
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2021.09.28 00:18 KatTreatz Anyone wanna come to hell with me?

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2021.09.28 00:18 Duytune My Thoughts On Phasmophobia as a whole

Hi all, I'm a novice player (230), and these are my main thoughts when looking at Phasmophobia compared to the other ghost hunting games coming out:
(These aren't really important, this is just what I've been thinking about. These are all subjective and based on experience, but will certainly be different for you)
I go through comparing Phasmophobia to similar games, looking at Phasmophobia as an experience itself, and what I would do about the game's one minor flaw:

Thoughts On Phasmophobia With Other Horror Games:

  1. Phasmophobia is a horror game that seems to capitalize on balance and co-op gameplay rather than atmosphere or action
  2. In comparison to games like Obsideo and Ghost Hunting Corps, it is a lot more simplistic in mechanics, which I will touch on later
  3. For atmospheric horror, I'm looking into Obsideo which seems to have much more features and creepy events in general, and for action it looks like Ghost Hunting Corps beats Phasmophobia by a landslide
  4. What Phasmophobia does have is a fun party experience and an easy to understand root of mechanics. I came to this game because it provided an interesting premise and a pretty straightforward way to play, which I showed my friends and we all quickly got into
  5. Phasmophobia has a bit more polish than both Obsideo and Ghost Hunting Corps in term of mechanical and gameplay fun. Ghost Hunting Corps has many annoying mechanics which just frustrate the player and Obsideo has redundant mechanics that are frustrating that could be so much cooler.
  6. Phasmophobia is very well executed in comparison to the other ghost-hunting games which tend to have novelty ideas and mechanics. All of Phasmophobia's mechanics feel solid and none feel like they actively harm my game experience
  7. As stated before, Phasmophobia is a great party game compared to the others because there are less mechanics to explain, and the multiplayer UI is pretty good

Pure Thoughts on Phasmophobia Alone:
  1. Phasmophobia seems to be leaning towards scaring me with difficulty and harder mechanics, but it's more of an economic horror game. I've never been scared because I was at risk, I was always scared of losing money and losing hours of progress
  2. Phasmophobia's simplistic gameplay does get repetitive, and I've started viewing the game as a checklist of things to do and algorithms of actions for certain circumstances.
  3. Although games do vary in intensity, large maps tend to be a lot of walking and not much fear, and small maps tend to be too fast for the sense of dread to fill in. I feel like this game is less of a horror game and more of a party game with horror elements
  4. The game is much scarier when I started out. The tension of not knowing when the ghost would appear or what it would do truly terrified me. I feel like as the game progressed, I went more on the offense, and the power dynamic the ghost had on me flipped
  5. There are a lot of ways the game can just stop being fun really suddenly. If you die early on, you essentially just do busywork for the alive players and gain no reward, you might as well crash your game when you're dead since there's no more "game" left, nor a reason to stick around and spectate your allies with your nominal money gain
  6. The game itself becomes less and less enjoyable for me as there is no real reward later on, as the main reward of finding the ghost is just money. There's no "climax" in a match, no catharsis for finding your tormentor. You just mark it down in your journal and leave

How I Personally Now Enjoy Phasmophobia:
  1. I self-impose challenges using a random challenge generator inspired by a youtuber who got me back into Phasmophobia, and every time I survive I add on another consecutive challenge. The game now becomes more of a "roguelite"-esque game, and I enjoy the harder survival aspect
  2. I also generally take only 3-4 items. The game is a lot more fun when I feel like I have less control over the environment
  3. I mainly play in parties or groups of friends, as your friends' reactions is pretty fun in itself. Group horror games are rare and scarce, and the game just brings me joy whenever I play with friends

How Would I Change Phasmophobia?
  1. I wouldn't, it's a fine party game with horror elements. The game is easy to pick up and all the mechanics are well executed, making it a great all-rounder game for friends who've never played it before. There are no real absurdly complicated and obscure mechanics seen in other horror games, and you only need a brief description to understand what you need to do and how to do it
  2. The only real complaint I have is that more complex mechanics are not explained quickly and concisely. No one wants to read a journal to know how to use smudge sticks, while holding them there could be a diagram, or a more simple option is just putting a prompt while holding them to "Press F to ignite". If you're not holding a lighter it could state "Requires fire" first, which lets you know you can use candles or lighters
  3. Phasmophobia does not need to fill a niche it doesn't cater to. For intense action, Ghost Hunting Corps is always out there, and if you really want to feel constant dread you can just play Obsideo. Phasmophobia, however, is by far my favorite multiplayer horror game which never goes wrong, even if I play it with friends who aren't into horror games.
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2021.09.28 00:18 Ok-Carpenter-3284 What bluetooth headphones do you use with the Kokkia i10s adapter?

Looks like I'm not going to be able to return them so I guess I have to buy some bluetooth headphones to use with it since the ones I already have don't work with it.
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2021.09.28 00:18 Olziket My beloveds

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2021.09.28 00:18 Pandaman_can New Magic Survival

Making a magic survival for ps4 Minecraft, no mods all commands. Add my psn @ PandaMan-Can. Feel free to join, looking for 10 to 12 people.
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2021.09.28 00:18 NewsElfForEnterprise In Defense of Buying a Very Cheap Mercedes

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2021.09.28 00:18 reddeer97 A reddit to help non vegans accommodate vegans for a party

I'm having a party that's going to involve bbqing and cooking over a fire (like hotdogs and smores) and I have some vegan friends coming. I'd like to get some advice and opinions, because I know sometimes vegan alternatives are kinda sad when made by non vegans.
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2021.09.28 00:18 Fun_Yard_461 Cat Angel

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2021.09.28 00:18 thoeoe Leaked lyrics from the new Slayyyter track

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2021.09.28 00:18 ftatman Badminton courts in central London?

Long shot here! I’m looking for a badminton court located fairly centrally that can be rented ‘pay & play’ without an annual membership. Is anyone able to make recommendations?
I’m in Walthamstow (north east) and my friend lives in Hounslow.
We used play at Crystal Palace NSC before he moved house but that’ll be too far south now.
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