Do you think there's a filler arc/a few filler episodes are coming?

2021.09.28 00:10 GalGreenfield Do you think there's a filler arc/a few filler episodes are coming?

So to anyone who reads the manga and knows what's going to happen and knows how far away the anime is story-progress-wise compared to the manga, do you think that there's going to be a filler arc/there are going to be a few filler episodes soon?
Specifically, I'm talking about when Isshiki is killed, which I think can take 3-4 episodes if they stretch it out up to the point where he gives Code his Otsutsuki will (or whatever it's called).
It feels to me like ever since Kishimoto took on the main writer role for Boruto that the manga pacing has increased, and so did the anime after some time - it became more story-focused.
I also think that they're not increasing the amount of content well in the anime - they even removed some details from the manga like some of the Kurama-Naruto talk about Baryon mode and they don't add a lot of additional dialog or additional scenes to "thicken" some points (e.g like what they actually did, but in a filler, with Kawaki's change/growth in the filler epiisode(s) with him, Himawari and the wolf).
Considering the current pace, how they're changing it, and make breaks/slow down significantly the pace of progress of the story with fillers, the only conclusion that I come to is that there are going to be fillers.
Do you agree with any of this? Disagree?
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2021.09.28 00:10 GutiGhost96 We could all use a thrilling time with Zenos (Stolen off Twitter comments)

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2021.09.28 00:10 just_some_random_bot Should I get it?

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2021.09.28 00:10 52fuckingbears Covidiot's letter to Alberta Health Services (Canada)

Standing Together Against Mandatory Vaccines
Open Letter to AHS
Alberta Health Services Corporate Office
Seventh Street Plaza
14th Floor, North Tower
10030 – 107 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 3E4
Sent via email
September 20, 2021
Dear Dr. Verna Yiu:
This open letter is in response to your announcement of mandatory full vaccination for all AHS staff by Oct 31, 2021. We represent a wide range of vaccinated and unvaccinated health care professionals from multiple disciplines, who are deeply concerned about these mandatory vaccinations. There are many reasons why we stand against mandatory vaccination and highlight some of them below. These concerns are supported by peer reviewed publications and statements by established organizations:
• These mRNA vaccines have NOT been proven to prevent disease uptake nor disease transmission supported by the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report August 6, 2021 / 70(31);1059-1062 (among other reports) where it is stated “Real-time RT-PCR Ct values in specimens from 127 fully vaccinated patients (median = 22.77) were similar to those among 84 patients who were unvaccinated, not fully vaccinated, or whose vaccination status was unknown (median = 21.54)”. Asymptomatic unvaccinated people have never been proven to be more infectious or transmit more disease than vaccinated individuals.
• The overall survival rate from covid is approximately 99.7% and varies by age and underlying health status.
• The vaccine is showing weakened efficacy after only a few months. AHS’s own data shows currently approximately 25% of all new cases are in fully vaccinated patients and over 18% of hospitalizations are also fully vaccinated with percentages increasing as weeks go by.
• The United Kingdom and Israel – two highly vaccinated countries have extremely high percentages of hospitalized patients being fully vaccinated. Indeed, the Israeli Public Health Department recently estimated the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine had fallen to 39% against the Delta variant and another recent study from the Mayo clinic had similar numbers at 42%
• Historically, scientific consensus has been that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. Many health care workers are already Covid recovered and immune. What evidence does AHS have for mandatory vaccines in those individuals? As front-line health care workers, we have witnessed serious adverse events, including deaths, that were temporally, closely associated from the administration of these vaccines.
• As per VAERS data (US vaccine injury database), Aug 27, 2021, at least 650,077 people in the US have been injured and 13,911 people have died soon after the administration of the Covid vaccine. These numbers could actually be 10-100x higher as a Harvard study showed only 1- 10% of all adverse events are actually recorded. The Harvard study’s findings are corroborated by our experience that the vast majority of temporally related adverse events are not being correlated and reported by healthcare workers.
If we don’t correlate these temporally related events and report them, the data will never be there to accurately assess causality and truly ensure safety, which is the bedrock to obtaining proper informed consent. We believe that the proposed vaccine mandate is contrary to section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms “freedom of conscience and religion” as well as section 7, “the right to life, liberty and the security of the person and the right to not be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.” Based on our experience, the above arguments (plus others not listed in this letter) and our evaluation of the current literature, we decisively conclude that we are in strong opposition to mandatory vaccination. As of Nov 1, 2021, or earlier, AHS’s decision to implement such a mandate will prevent many dedicated health care workers and other AHS staff from performing the jobs they have done valiantly over the past eighteen months. This will put our currently severely strained health care system under further undue and needless pressure and put more Albertans at risk due to our inability to provide care for our patients. We respectfully request that the vaccine mandate be rescinded immediately so that AHS Health care workers can continue to provide care for Albertans.
tl;dr - not a single source anywhere, these people are fucking retarded
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2021.09.28 00:10 Revive_Life Funny, that...

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2021.09.28 00:10 Any-Entertainer335 Banda encontré su nuevo Instagram al fin @messyangel__

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2021.09.28 00:10 Stacy_Adam New SSD. Question about Windows installation.

I just bought a 980 Pro for my laptop. I'm planning on upgrading to Windows 11 when it launches next week. Should I install Windows 10 on the drive right now and just upgrade to 11 when it launches? Or should I just wait until next week and install Windows 11 directly on the drive? Will it make a difference either way?
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2021.09.28 00:10 NovaHa_Cat ITAP of street cat

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2021.09.28 00:10 crazybitchh4 What the fuck is going on?

Why does it feel way later than what it actually is? What could this be?
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2021.09.28 00:10 tagbthw Anyone know what this line on the screen is?

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2021.09.28 00:10 apostledeets Who The Fuck is "Ron Deets"?

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2021.09.28 00:10 toshiDBL i will show the power of this divine light

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2021.09.28 00:10 Comfortable_Love6711 Any one around Illinois to hook-up, I charge $$ for hook-up dm to know my fees

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2021.09.28 00:10 MyUsersNameIsTaken Why did Sally fall off the swing?

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2021.09.28 00:10 Pumpkin_Cat14 I guess that’s wrong then?

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2021.09.28 00:10 heinaga1989 🌏 $CTZN Token - Ongoing contest for free bnb🔥 !! Fair launched 6 days ago - Amazing community - Doxxed devs - Massive BNB rewards - Come join the family ! - All loyal citizens will be rewarded!

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2021.09.28 00:10 Difficult_Feeling_70 ⛩️Gintama Inu⛩️ - newest Anime Token! Team with a lot of connections! Big marketing deals! Professional shiller's team on board. Don't miss next X100🤯 Anime Token!

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☑️ Website (under development)
☑️ Coingecko fast-track (we have contact)
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☑️ And a lot more to come !!
☑️ Contract: 0xb1fa6141c0a80c87203403343d3968ab10115fa0
☑️Pancakeswap :
☑️Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.28 00:10 KendrickMontero Coti - the solution for decentralized payments?

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2021.09.28 00:10 Dezron96 First GG craft this season.. Anyone know what this beauty is worth?

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2021.09.28 00:10 gbdarknight77 Lakers x OVO Collab dropping Wednesday

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2021.09.28 00:10 berettaswag Reverse video camera out

Just happened randomly, I found the piece on Amazon, should I just replace it myself?
2014 sxt
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2021.09.28 00:10 Pineapple_bull ~20% BINANCE.US REFERRAL CODE~

20% Binance.US Referral code.
Feel free to use link below or enter 54077303. Happy trading everyone!
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2021.09.28 00:10 chaoticconditions Cream Soda Faygo in South Jersey?

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2021.09.28 00:10 nopointinlife1234 Best hex ancient warfare game?

I'm looking or anything pre-1850.
Preferably hex, so it's easy to run on my laptop.
Roman, Napoleonic, China, anything that's historical.
I'd like it to be in-depth, like say Shadow Empire, which as tech trees, logistics, or diplomacy, but that's not something super required.
If you guys have anything interesting, please, let me know!
I know there's these but I've never played them.
Anyone have any experience?
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2021.09.28 00:10 tunczyko Average r/monarchism poster

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