2021.09.27 23:49 Interesting_Common55 TRADING FR FROST DRAGON AND MFR UNICORN FOR BBC!!!!

Going first if trusted
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2021.09.27 23:49 _Irish_BBW_ Could I trap you?

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2021.09.27 23:49 Deadmaninc1 Caption This

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2021.09.27 23:49 Red-Black-Reforged 3d printed Kingdom Builder Location tile holder

3d printed Kingdom Builder Location tile holder
Love playing Kingdom builder but always hated having to sort the location tiles every time. A buddy of mine designed this holder in CAD and had another friend of mine 3d print it. Holds all of the tiles for base set+nomads. The rubber band is just to keep them together in the box. The nomad tiles are not included but they have their own bag. Curious to hear or see what other people have done to maintain organization for their games. I'm a bit OCD with it so I would love to pick up some possible ideas.
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2021.09.27 23:49 Lordroxas77 What food looked really good in cartoons when you were a kid, but didn't live up to your expectations when you tried it?

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2021.09.27 23:49 svanapps r/cardano - Dead Man’s Hand

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2021.09.27 23:49 howthedogsstackup a house for nothing

having bought a house for a song we left it rotting along the shore, for when we might need it for a tryst, a jaunt; a lark lands when my husband stages left, exeunt for something simpler, no nothing, a desire to away with me, away from me, if only for a quiet length of evenings
i sleepwalk south, back to st. augustine, stop at target to grab a broom and cleaning supplies for a house that may have fallen down; only a moment of pause to consider if the house is even still standing
this is sinful, right? to buy a beach house and never use it? there was small comfort in having it and leaving it in the wrapper; perhaps some rowdy spring breakers found it useful for a first loud fucking:
that would have been okay, if someone had needed it for an evening, something to take and give back on loan, no interest, as if we had staked any in the first. it is better for a house to be full
certainly this is normal, rational for each of us to buy up as much property as feeds our need, paunches our belly, fattens; this is america, after all, and this is the cuisine of region.
and so, making my way down the lane, i see it standing, saltbound, a blackeye in the neighborhood; of course they all have decay, but the gate keeps the web empty of flies, and i wonder if the pimply dsecurity guard
has made a grilled cheese in each of the abandoned kitchens; one kid with great power, a tiltler for empty castles, a golf cart for a steed; a mission that leads him free to smoke out roaches with rare headlights come to call tally tally-ho
opening the door, i wonder if I ever had, gasp drowning the microhollers of bioluminescent sand fleas. for where i'd heard tell of a step-sunken living room there was only a hole for a den, a gasping maw of oakroot teeth and a ladder extending infinitely into blackness, where walls of particle board give way to worming walls of earth and clay
you count me foolish to rung my way down, to step earthward–- but those with only an illusion of choice make a home of any burrow they can find. walking the frost-trod tunnels beneath the mcmansions i look up into infinite skylights, to find all of us scorned blind; could it be that no upper-middle-manager who calls st. augustine a second home
has ever ventured forth? even to flip some burgers and make excuses to drink blue curacao when perfectly good natural light will swill just the same? or are we all so foolish, buying houses for nothing, if only the security that one day if we might need them we might be able to take our rabbit hearts where we need them and find familiary amongst the rows of the nothing we know so well?
key largo | montigo
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2021.09.27 23:49 Pilot-B September 27, 2021 VA Coronavirus Stats

September 27, 2021 VA Coronavirus Stats Data is from the VDH Public Website.
  • Virginia reported 1997 new cases across the state
Stay safe out there everyone.
VDH testing stats may not be refreshed daily.
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2021.09.27 23:49 WolfinSilver This will probably only resonate with a specific audience but

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2021.09.27 23:49 Chiaradd Finally!! it took me forever!

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2021.09.27 23:49 NokCha_ [Viray] Curry on the prospect of Wiggins missing home games being acceptable: "Acceptable is a strong word. It's not ideal."

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2021.09.27 23:49 ShortAlgo $BPMC Waiting for Short signal on BPMC with

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2021.09.27 23:49 BirdyPeople Hmmmmmm

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2021.09.27 23:49 UKZzHELLRAISER Sims 3 Launcher closing immediately after launch

So I'm attempting to get The Sims 3 running on my PC for the ladyfriend. We've never had an issue running TS3 on Windows 10 before today, but now, as the title says, the launcher simply will not stay open.
On a fresh Windows 10, the launcher literally does not open. Origin minimizes, then a fraction of a second later, re-focuses. No errors, no hints as to what went wrong or why.
Out of curiosity, I gave it a go in Linux (Wine, configured by Lutris) and it gets further - the launcher does appear, but after about five seconds, disappears, returning to Origin. Again, no hints as to why.
I've been Googling all afternoon, and absolutely nothing has helped. This is a fresh download, on a fresh Windows (and Linux) install, and I have tried both with her old Documents contents, and without.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! She's been dying to play TS3 for a while now and it is driving me insane not being able to get it running!
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2021.09.27 23:49 Adresteya Looking for a side hustle

I am new to this subreddit. I am looking for a good side hustle. I used to try and sell my crochet stuff on Etsy, but it didn't exactly go too well since almost no one bought anything.
I am currently a full time student and working 80 hours a week. Unfortunately with my current job (which is a small business and is my dream job!) We only get paid if the business makes money. Which thanks to covid, it hasn't been. So just been able to barely cover overhead and some bills at the business.
I'm looking for something that I can do in my very little spare time that can bring in at least a little bit to covers bills/gas/school books/etc.
My hobbies/skills are: Crochet/knitting Beadwork (I make eyeglass chains) Music/singing Video games I have a management degree and currently in a management position Decent and writing and editing/grammar
Probably a few other things I'm missing but I'm open to any idea!
Thank you!
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2021.09.27 23:49 realjasong I hope I’m wrong but…

There will be mass boycotts by tomorrow noon and this game will be done for by its second year. The anniversary debacle is just too big to ignore. Zhongligate is a joke. Their stinginess is poised to ruin this game. What a pity. Such a good game ruined by so much mismanagement.
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2021.09.27 23:49 songbird22901 Does anyone have recommendations for a Rabbit-Savvy vet to do a desexing in Tacoma/Seattle WA?

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2021.09.27 23:49 kara-kas-ucgen-kulot Niye herkes beni sikiyor?

Asosyalim denilemez tam olarak. Doğru fırsat oluşmadığı sürece kimseyle konuşamıyorum demeli. Bakkal amcadan bişey isteyeceksem hiç çekinmem. Birisiyle sohbet etmem gerekiyorsa ederim, arkadaş da olmaya başlarım o andan itibaren. Eğer uygun ortam ve koşullar sağlanırsa herkesle konuşabilirim ve ezik görünmem. Amma ve lakinn kimsenin yanına nedensiz veya tanışmak için gidemem. Kimseye gerekmediği sürece adını soramam, durumunu soramam. Uzaktan izlerim herkesi. Sanki herkes de beni izler. Herkes beni sikiyormuş gibi hissederim bazen. Kütüphanede sırtımı hep duvara dönerim. Ona rağmen sikerler beni. Öyle bi sikerler ki 7 saat boyunca yemek yemeden yerimden hiç kalkmam. Yüzlerine bakamam. Ama içimden yalvarırım hepsine lütfen beni çağırın... Lütfen benimle sohbet edin diye. Lütfen önümde takılıp düşün de ben de sizi kaldırıp dudaklarınıza bi buse kondurabileyim kızlar. Ama uzaktan sikmeyin beni.Arkamdan konuşmayın. Yüzümde sperm kalıntısı kalmışsa Tişörtümde ter izi varsa, Kepeklerimde saç çıkmışsa Burnumda hırnik kalmışsa, Yarrağım açıktaysa ve sizin için küçükse Ayakkabımın deliğiyle çorabımın yırtık noktası kesişiyorsa ve baş parmağım dışardaysa Bacak kıllarım eşofmanın altından sızıp yerleri siliyorsa Gözlerimdeki çapak gözlüğüme kadar sıçramışsa Tırnaklarımın arasından 4 öğünüm, Diş tellerimden 1 aylık beslenmem belli oluyorsa Siyah noktalarım artık yüzümdeki en beyaz yer ise Kaşlarımla saçlarım birleşmeye başlamışsa Kel kalmışsam Ter kokum çürük et kokusu vermeye başladıysa Osuruğum sessiz ama öldürücüyse Midemden gelen sesler sizi korkutuyorsa (bide osurmayı engellediğimdeki bağırsaklarımın arasında dönen gazın sesini duyun) Uyurken masanın tamamı şoriğimle kaplandıysa Kulaklarımdan baktığınızda siyah delik yerine sarı-turuncu bi duvar görüyorsanız Öksürdüğümde yerde yeşil bi balçık görüyorsanız çatalım görünüyorsa... Yanıma gelin ve beni uyarın. Ama arkamdan sikmeyin..
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2021.09.27 23:49 svanapps r/ethereum - Stereum - Ethereum Node Setup - Update "1.7"

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2021.09.27 23:49 Cactus-strangler-88 They should make emotes that are transferable from one legend to another.

The lifeline breakdance emote is the best and that is a fact not an opinion and I wish if revenant and seer could do it.
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2021.09.27 23:49 ShortAlgo $LOOP Waiting for Short signal on LOOP with

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2021.09.27 23:49 myghoulishcoffee Manufacturer Issues

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2021.09.27 23:49 dm3 Any new news?

Just joined this group. Went in on Astra stock a couple of weeks ago.
How can you get more news and information on the stock.
Do folks have comments on this departure?
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2021.09.27 23:49 xetaril any suggestions similar to these?
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2021.09.27 23:49 Jet_Jaguarachu Selling my Naruto Collection had some questions

Hello, I'm looking to sell my collection to pay some bills this week. I was going to put them on eBay but I was wondering about a price. I don't know much about them This is some of my collection
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