What's your experience with plants grown from compost volunteers?

2021.09.27 23:51 ezyroller What's your experience with plants grown from compost volunteers?

I've just finished my first year of composting and am super happy with what I've produced - gotta thank this sub for all the great advice on it.
So I have top dressed my garden with the compost and now that spring has sprung (hello from Melbourne...aka Lockdownistan ; ) there are volunteers everywhere, most of which appear to be tomatoes.
Can I expect these volunteers to grow and produce as store-bought seeds would? I've read a few posts elsewhere about why seeds from avocados and mangos don't grow into productive trees - wondering if the same issues would apply to what I have bought from the local fruit n veg store.
What's your experience with compost volunteers?
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2021.09.27 23:51 anjyu Lifelike Robotic Pets for Seniors - Best Dog Toys

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2021.09.27 23:51 -vj Seunghee cut @'The Listen: Wind Blows' Ep1 (210927)

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2021.09.27 23:51 Miami_Cracker Got screwed and didn't even get a kiss.

Quick and easy.......... unlike customer service. I broke my phone. Called ins. They say $250 deductible. ?????? I ask why not $99 They say I don't have life 360. I call t-mobile and after "researching" they (tmobile) say they messed up, I have been paying for 360 but they (tmobile) "put in the wrong code". So I have been paying for 360 but not covered by 360. They say they fixed it. I call assurant and they say because the policy us not back dated my deductible is still $250. Call tmobile back and actually got the same cs. I'm told there is no way to back date it. So sorry. How about a new phone? Well, since I have NO phone I guess so. I order 2 S21s. Told 2-3days. FINE. A week goes by no phones. Calls are met with "they are back ordered. And we can't do anything for you. But we have a great deal on GWatches. Ok I get 2 Galaxy watches and receive them the next day. Good job. Still no phones. Call CS again told to go to a store, get whatever phone they have, and return it under buyer remorse. 14 days to claim buyer remorse. Promised I will have the S21s before the 14 days are up. Guess what?!!!?? 14 days and still no phones. Call CS told they are back ordered. No sh*t? Basically told oh well. Deal with it. We don't know when we will get the phones. Oh yeah, oops sorry for already charging you for the phones even though you don't have them. No we have no alternatives for you and no we can't do anything to fix the problem we created by "not putting in the right code for your insurance ". So that I had to buy a phone instead of fixing the one I had. And never mind the BS with the watches. $17 for the watch, plus a line plus ins. Oops I guess we forgot to tell you it comes out to close to $50 a month. Oh well. What a shame. I've been with tmobike for almost 15 years and have never been late or had my service turned off. You screw up, force me to buy new phone, don't have the phone, try to charge me for the phones I never got, and tell me oh well, we can't do anything for you. Ok, bye bye.
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2021.09.27 23:51 Studentoftheyear19 Need help with using two different slicers in two tables

I am fairly new here so if I am asking the wrong question I apologize. Please let me explain, for example what I am doing is I have two tables with multiple column and table 1 has for example column name fruits and in there I have 10 rows of different fruits and fruit types also with 10 rows and different fruit types. So, on my table2 I also have multiple column with different fruits and here I have 100 rows of data and Fruit types also with 100 rows of data. For example I can right now create a relationship between Fruits column and put a slicer and that slicer filters out both the table data but if I put another slicer in for the Fruit type, it won't filter the data for both the table because I have fruit as the active relationship. So, how would I also be able to use the fruit slicer as well as fruit type slicer to filter both the table data.
Please help.
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2021.09.27 23:51 Encephalonosaurus « Waffles are actually just pancakes with abs »

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2021.09.27 23:51 Pale-Main5036 🧐

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2021.09.27 23:51 Navegador_1133 Wollemia nobilis (wollemi pine) seeds - fingers crossed!

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2021.09.27 23:51 TuteOnSon Good start to the day

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2021.09.27 23:51 Audiman64 [FS] [US-CA] Asus Sabertooth X79 Motherboard, Xeon E5-2670v2 10-Core CPU, 64GB DDR3 RAM

Selling the motherboard, CPU and RAM from my home server that's been working great for a few years. I'm downgrading because I don't need all this horsepower anymore.
$750 incl shipping.
Pics and verification: https://imgur.com/a/c7QO23G
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2021.09.27 23:51 Wolbach [US/CA][H] Binder, Pokemon, Paypal [W] FA Trainers, Dragonmaids, Harpies

The cards should all be NM or LP, I can take more pictures upon request. PWE for cheap trades and bubble for expensive ones. Shipping to US only since international shipping is too expensive.
Prices will be based off TCG lowest verified
I am currently only interested trading. No plans to sell
Pokemon Binder
YGO Binder
Notes: Number 92: Heart Earth Dragon is ultimate rare, Lil-La is Collector's Rare
YGO Cards Gone/Pending:
Pokemon Cards Gone/Pending:
-Kitchen and Nurse Dragonmaid (non gold, low priority)
-Harpie cards (Preferrably multiply cards)
-Any of these Pokemon FA Trainers (normal version):
Aroma Lady, Leon, Raihan, Caitlin, Doctor, Klara, Boss's Orders, Flannery, Olivia, Guzma (Crimson Invasion), Delinquent, Red's Challenge, Professor Elm's Lecture, Lysandre's Trump Card, Misty's Favor, Winona, Brock's Grit (Team Up), Whitney, Pokemon Fan Club,Karen, N, Judge, Cynthia (Prism), Sabrina's Suggestion, Blue's Tactics, Blaine's Last Stand, Shauna, Cynthia & Caitlin, Mars, Rosa, Underground Expedition, Steven's Resolve, Professor Oak's Setup, Lillie's Full Force, Red & Blue, Bianca, Cheren, Iris, Colress, Juniper, Ghetsis, Fisherman, Aether Foundation Employee, Hiker
Low Priority: Lillie (Prism), Gordie, Agatha, Siebold, Kabu, Team Rocket's Handiwork, Crasher Wake, AZ, Blacksmith, Grimsley, Apricorn Maker, Nanu, Pokemon Fan Club (Prism), Coach Trainer, Morty, Bill's Maintenance, Hau
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2021.09.27 23:51 Mcola19 The Ledgerman has arrived!

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2021.09.27 23:51 Powerful_Reaction618 azelf 8622 7324 4522

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2021.09.27 23:51 Requiem36 For Sept'ember, trying out a new scheme, and Shadowsun is awesome !

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2021.09.27 23:51 thesuperiorbox Why do people still think carrot is going to shine in Wano?

I’m pretty sure last chapter confirmed that she is a side character and not that important. Or is this just me?
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2021.09.27 23:51 plantpikmin does this plum seed i found (shell already cracked) look like its germinating or is it a weird mutation?

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2021.09.27 23:51 Ok-Ad9418 Uneven Earlobe Piercing

I just had my earlobes pierced today for a third time and I think they look asymmetrical.. should I worry and get them re-pierced ASAP or not?
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2021.09.27 23:51 FlatulatingPhinneous Big day opened computershare account and power up rewards pro

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2021.09.27 23:51 piff78spb Removing TeamViewer

Hey guys, I am trying to push TeamViewer Host and some machines have an old TeamViewer 13 Host & TeamViewer 13 MSI Wrapper installed. The script fails and asks to remove the old verions. I do know what UIDs are, cleaned up everything in the registry under 32 and 64 bit that matched TeamViewer 13. But the script still fails and asks to uninsall the old version. Looking for help to see if anyone know where it can know that the old version was installed. It is listed in the programs and features, maybe there is a way to uninstall it from programs and features with the match like *teamviewer*? Anyways, any help is appreciated! Thanks
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2021.09.27 23:51 Slackluster LittleJS 🚂 My new HTML5 game engine is open source!

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2021.09.27 23:51 Gacha_Lofe 0_0

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2021.09.27 23:51 Defiant_Battle_7352 WFL plz help me :)

Me. NFR Goldhorn
Them, FR Turtle , FR frost fury and 4 mythic eggs
View Poll
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2021.09.27 23:51 bluecheesesmells Well this happened…😊

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2021.09.27 23:51 ricardojavier1980 THE EMMYS ARE A JOKE... In a year that has seen several award show scandals, the cherry on top of the cluster that has been Hollywood was the complete shut out of Wandavision. The utter disrespect given to a show that, honestly made us all forget the crap show the is this pandemic.

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2021.09.27 23:51 ifknlovela Are people wearing masks to movies?

We might be going to see a movie with friends sometime next month and wondered if people are wearing masks into movie theaters? I know masks are required for indoor events right now and you can only take it off to eat, but I assume people are abusing this and just not wearing a mask at all.
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