$NEE.v / $NHVCF released the grading results of their Moss Mine project in Arizona.

2021.09.28 00:06 NazzDaxx $NEE.v / $NHVCF released the grading results of their Moss Mine project in Arizona.

Highlights of Moss Mine drilling Include:
- Multiple high-grade epithermal gold and silver intervals of the Moss vein and its associated hanging wall stockwork zone were intersected in numerous drillholes along the approximately 600 meters strike length tested in this round of drilling
- Drillhole AR21-486R returned 64.01 meters grading 1.65 g/t gold and 15.39 g/t silver, including 35 g/t gold and 252 g/t silver over 1.52 meters
- Drillhole AR21-490R, grading 1.61 g/t gold and 20.39 g/t silver, including 18.29 meters grading 3.55 g/t gold and 40.04 g/t silver
- Drillhole AR21-469R, returned 65.53 meters grading 0.49 g/t gold and 6.15 g/t silver, including 4.57 meters grading 2.19 g/t gold and 20.90 g/t silver, and 6.10 meters grading 1.01 g/t gold and 16.05 g/t silver
- Drillhole AR21-479R, intersected 83.82 meters grading 0.44 g/t gold and 4.67 g/t silver, including 9.14 meters grading 2.34 g/t gold and 10.17 g/t silver
Plenty of thick zones of gold/silver mineralization are beneath the current Moss mine operation. Its looking good for $NEE.v / $NHVCF as they are clearly showing the significant potential of 168 square kilometer land package surrounding the Moss Mine.
$NEE.v / $NHVCF at $0.25 a share with a $15M market cap
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2021.09.28 00:06 EmotionalRepair6675 I found these ‘sample’ covers does anyone know where I can find all of them (website etc) thanks

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2021.09.28 00:06 daltonthekidd He seems to like it, Any enclosure recommendations? +noodle pic at the end

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2021.09.28 00:06 peakingoranges We were away a couple of days for my baby shower and I’m now posting this one-handed.

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2021.09.28 00:06 hydreigon94 Look what came in the mail today!

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2021.09.28 00:06 chilliebean I don’t think I have it in me.

I’m F22 about 200lbs. About 2 years ago I reached my highest weight of 230lbs. I was so embarrassed about my weight I couldn’t even talk about it without tearing up. Very slowly I lost about 40lbs over the course of a year and really felt I’d come so far mentally. I then went through a bad breakup and lost another 20lbs in about a month. I felt amazing but still fat even though I was relatively healthy for my height at 170lbs. I met another guy and over the course of 6 months gained back 30lbs. That guy dumped me for being too fat.
It’s been about a month now, I’ve probably gained another 5lbs and feel like utter crap about myself. I regret letting myself and all my progress go so easily. All that hard work to build good habits and good routines is gone. I try to be healthy but as soon as 7pm hits I order huge amounts of takeout and binge and then feel depressed. I feel myself spiralling and I feel out of control. I’m so scared to gain more weight.
What’s worse is I can’t even imagine being in the mindset to change. I feel so mentally weak and lost. I’m sad all of the time. I feel I have no purpose and my life is just drifting by.
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2021.09.28 00:06 OverOnTheCreekSide Does Alone specifically avoid casting people who have already been on another reality show?

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2021.09.28 00:06 DragonLord0_0 Can you still get new weapons?

I still like playing bo3 but wanna unlock classified weapons. Any way to do it?
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2021.09.28 00:06 Helpful_Hunt1649 For US .. Re'fun'd after re'vw

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2021.09.28 00:06 DoTheCreep_ahh 27 [M4F] Charleston, SC - Introvert seeks woman with pulse

The username is a Lonely Island reference. I did not have the foresight to consider that I might post in these r4r-type subreddits when I made this account.
27 year old prior military guy looking for love in Alderaan places. 6 feet tall, white, brown hair, red beard (beard negotiable) and I look 10 years younger without. 185 lbs give or take. I'm too shy to approach women for romantic purposes IRL, but I'm not a pushover by any means. I'm not religious and not a Republican (although I'm not a Democrat either). Now Imagine being CF, non-religious, and not a Trump supporter in a red state like SC.
I don't want kids, obviously or I wouldn't be here, but no kids now or ever. I'd rather get another dog. They're enough responsibility as it is. Btw I have a dog, she's great!
Not a big social butterfly, but I can behave during social gatherings and pretend I'm a normal human being until it's time to leave.
Bees and spiders are cool. I'll show you mine. I also play Overwatch among other things on PC.
What am I looking for? A 20-35-ish years old non smoker. Call me shallow, but I don't like Obese women. Chubby is ok. I'm not exactly Adonis myself. I don't care what religion you practice as long as I don't have to go to church with you or make any major lifestyle change as a result. Bonus points if you like kinky stuff
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2021.09.28 00:06 amackert My farm year 3, any idea what to put in the empty spots?

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2021.09.28 00:06 esberat How true is this.

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2021.09.28 00:06 ensluck The NFT community gives back

From promoting and purchasing fellow artists works to collaborating on collections, the NFT community is known to be one that is uplifting, inclusive, and constantly evolving.
The NFT community is also known to give back. Directing money from sales back into the space to support other creators is commonplace, and some even dedicate profits directly to causes close to their hearts — like Emonee LaRussa, whose drops on Voice will benefit her non-profit JumpStart Designers.
While the community gets bigger each day, the supportive spirit seems to grow alongside it. Only time will tell the amazing things to come.
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2021.09.28 00:06 GMS222 36 weeks pregnant and baby’s belly is 98th percentile

I know GD can cause baby to grow bigger, so I’m assuming this is the reason. Has anyone else had experience with the belly being in the 98th percentile? If so, did you end up delivering early? Any advice?
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2021.09.28 00:06 WiseEpicurus What has helped you get more in touch with your body/emotions after quitting?

When I was smoking I was so disconnected from my emotions, and even my body.
It's been a bit over 3 months clean and I still find myself avoiding my emotions/bodily sensations at times with things like overeating, smoking cigarettes, or video games/being online. Though, I am getting more connected to myself through body focused meditation, being open about how I feel in therapy and with others, and yoga.
I find it helpful to create moments throughout the day just to be with myself, creating space away from constant distraction and stimulation.
What helps you?
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2021.09.28 00:06 Kamijiroutodomomo 地獄の小学生 on Twitter

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2021.09.28 00:06 Straypuft Kent Fire Department Engine 1 - Ohio

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2021.09.28 00:06 Old-Interest7431 Why is Bran's birth an event?

Even if I start a game before Bran's birth, somehow during 8290/8291 he will be born. It doesn't matter if Catelyn's already pregnant with a completely different child, because somehow he just appears into existence. A boy with the Tully look and named Brandon Stark. Ned gets an event flag saying "bran_stark". Bran was born three months before a full-blooded brother but they weren't twins. This doesn't happen for Sansa or Arya or Rickon, as far as I know. I know Robb's birth sometimes happens if you start during the Rebellion.
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2021.09.28 00:06 WayMove It's just too good

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2021.09.28 00:06 PurSolutions Um.... VelvetWALRUS ? Holy heckin chonkers Joselyn!

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2021.09.28 00:06 goddred This came up trying to load GTA IV, despite not having issues not too long ago. Tried as system update, no good, what gives? How can I fix it so that I can play the loaded game again?

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2021.09.28 00:06 Ireallylovethecold Smoking alone for the first time

I assume that a lot of people smoke weed alone (especially when being a daily smoker) and I wanted to share my experience with y'all. I went for a walk that took about 40 minutes until I reached my favourite place which is a small forrest. It was raining pretty much and the amount of rain rised up progressively (my shoes are fucked up). As I got to the forrest, I smoked some and walked through the rainy and muddy ground. The whole situation felt uncommon for me, and I had kind of bad vibes for a moment, because this feeling got more intense over the time. I counted from 1 to 10 to get a bit closer to reality again. The rain got so strong, that I searched a place that could maybe protect me. As I found one, I started thinking about me. How my life is going and about all the positive aspects. I was just in an extremely different kind of mood, which was very interesting and pleasant.
How were your experiences smoking the first time being alone ?
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2021.09.28 00:06 CinnamonCardboardBox Tonoit on Elltaykr

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2021.09.28 00:06 KitchenAd3097 2-5-1-6 Jazz licks in F applying family of V7s

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2021.09.28 00:06 j__walla For those who like dates! credit to u/funsnacks

TLDR: Simplex Trading LLC is the last remaining financial entity listed in the Bloomberg Terminal’s list of PUTs for GME maintaining a file date for their positions of 3/31/2021. They also hold the largest number of PUTs (80,702 contracts), twice as many as second in line Susquehanna, and are the highest percentage out (10.550%) among those listed. All other PUTs have since been re-filed on 6/30/2021.
I believe these dates indicate historical Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) activity associated with GameStop and provide an indication of what to expect as we move towards 9/30/2021 and onward.
Background In January, February 2021 $126.6 billion of loans were said to have been repriced (S+P Global - March 12th, 2021).
Archegos was liquidated between March 12th and March 26th, 2021 (Credit Suisse - July 29th, 2021). It’s been said that the firm turned $10 billion into an estimated $100 billion worth of assets (Bloomberg - April 3rd, 2021).
“Typically, for new-issue transactions, the CLO debt tranches are collectively 10 times the size of the notional amount of the equity interest.” - https://www.stout.com/en/insights/article/primer-valuation-clo-equity-financial-reporting
On March 26th, 2021 the Fed reported a daily Reverse Repurchase amount of $11.4 billion. By March 31st, the daily Reverse Repurchase amount skyrocketed up to $134 billion. An increase of $124.297 billion. (St. Louis Federal Reserve - RRP Chart). This was notable because the Fed’s RRP activity had been effectively dormant until this uptick.
Hypothesis As evidenced by the volume of CLO repricing in Jan/Feb, the end date of the Archegos liquidation, proportion of equity compared to total Archegos assets and uptick in RRPs on March 31st, 2021 my reading leads me to believe that Archegos was more of a CLO Manager than Family Office and that some of their positions (illiquid investments in junk-grade CLOs) were auctioned off and then repriced to SOFR at the end of March 2021.
Historically CLOs were priced off 3-month LIBOR but, out of concern the benchmark was being manipulated by financial institutions, the Federal Reserve is in the process of transitioning CLOs to their own rate called SOFR that is based on the daily RRP amounts (Bloomberg - July 8th, 2021).
9/30/2021 is 3 days away and represents the 2nd-ever quarterly refinancing of CLOs after the formal recommendation of SOFR was made by the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (AARC) on July 29th, 2021.
There is a process called “Warehousing” in the CLO world where “CLO Managers purchase initial collateral before the closing date” which typically lasts 3-6 months (Pinebridge - September 19th, 2019).
9/30/2021 represents the 6-month mark since Simplex filed their 80,702 PUT contracts.
GME close on 3/31/2021: $189.82
GME close on 6/30/2021: $214.14
GME close on 9/30/2021: ???
Conclusion While many of my posts have historically shied away from dates I believe the evidence here is too clear and strong to avoid mention. Worth noting 9/30/2021 is just a date and, given the fact the average tenor of Archegos’ contracts was 24 months, there could be many other interesting ones as well.
Just a Retail Investor, not a financial advisor.
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